What is an Earnings Play?

As we enter the second quarter for 2016 another earnings season is upon us.  It seems appropriate to review what constitutes an "earnings play".  Previously I published an article describing "earnings season" as "Christmas Four Times Each Year".  If you missed that...

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I Know Nothing!!

Those of you that are old enough (like me) probably remember “Hogan’s Heroes”. It was one of those old sit coms that I couldn’t wait to watch each week. The show ran for six years and you can still catch some of the episodes in syndication. If you have watched the...

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It Is All About the Odds!

Options trading is nothing more than endless series of probabilities. At first, I was a skeptic when I was introduced to the concept of probability-based options trading. It was hard for me to realize how the answer to what on the surface appeared to be so complicated...

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Efficient Market Hypothesis

Efficient market hypothesis (EMH) evolved from a Ph.D. dissertation by Eugene Fama in a 1960's dissertation.  EMH states  that financial markets are efficient and that prices already reflect all known information.  Furthermore any stock or other security reacts very...

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Trading is Not a Game of Perfect

In some of my other articles you may have noticed some references to golf. Like trading, I love golf. There are so many similarities between trading and golf that I feel compelled to write a future article on the relationship between the two. In this article I want to...

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