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I work with Executives to create passive income streams that generate large returns and foster independence. Hiring me will help you to fund your future.


John Andres - Your Options Expert!

I will personally work one on one with you to develop the skills you will need to become a consistent trader.  Each one of us is different.  We all have different trading goals, account sizes, risk tolerances and time constraints.  Why waste any more time or money in a “one size fits all” environment with all of the marketing hype and “get rich quick”schemes?  Together we will develop and plan the personalized strategies that fit best for you and your goals.

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Probability Based Trading is very simple to execute. I am constantly challenged by fellow traders about its’ simplicity. “If it is this easy to execute, how can it possibly work”. They find it impossible to believe…

Options Trading Coaching

I’ll teach you everything you need to know about trading options so you can make boat loads of cash, WITHOUT the marketing hype and “get rich quick” schemes surrounding stock and options trading.

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If you are ready to create new, passive income streams that can yield a full-time income with part-time effort, then you are ready to take advantage of a FREE, introductory 30 Minute Session with me.


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