Falling_casino_chipsOptions trading is nothing more than endless series of probabilities. At first, I was a skeptic when I was introduced to the concept of probability-based options trading. It was hard for me to realize how the answer to what on the surface appeared to be so complicated could really be that simple.

I love math and being intrigued by the fact that I could actually predict my results with reasonable accuracy I decided to give it a try. Gradually, I started to understand and embrace the concept. I was learning to focus on probabilities that had actually been right there in front of me.

I must admit that initially I struggled trying to grasp the concept.  My mind was confused by huge amount of unnecessary, useless “knowledge” collected over the many years of trading. As soon as I was able to break that mental block and grasp this simple, yet amazing concept, my results started to improve dramatically.

Of course I still make mistakes, and no doubt I always will. However, that is exactly the point of probability based options trading. For the first time in my twenty plus years of trading it is not about “being right” and picking direction.  Simply use the probability based trading criteria to find, execute and manage trades. No complicated charts, indicators and other useless information– just probability!

I can now take the known probability of success, and easily see my risk, win/loss ratio, and profit goals right before my eyes….in black and white! It is really that simple!

Of course there are a few nuances to learn about the probability based option trading, in order to fully utilize the concept. If you would like to discuss the probability based trading methodology, give me a call now @239-272-3424 and we will discuss how you can become a consistent, profitable trader putting the “odds in your favor”.

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