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Triple Your Money in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1

Run the Option Scanner

Scan thousands of tickers in seconds.

Grab your shortlist of option candidates and look for those that have shown large abnormal volumes vs open interest.

E.g. take a look at Coach Inc (COH) on the screen shot to the right.

The $40 call options are at the top of the list for suspicious activity

Step 2

Verify/Place Trade

Some stocks naturally trade a lot of options, so high volumes don’t always equal a good opportunity.

To be sure that something big might happen, make sure you look at the volumes for the day and check that the strike shown is significant.

E.g. the $40 call options here traded 12,759 times where the other strikes barely reached 100.

Also, COH is about to release their Q1, 2017 numbers the next day.

Step 3

Wait for Stock to Pop

The next trading day (2nd May, 2017) COH releases their earnings numbers, which come as a “surprise” to the market.

The stock jumps 11% on the news.

The $40 call options went from $1.07 to $3.48 in a single day!

The firm that bought those 12,759 contracts made $3,074,919 over night.

Here is a screen of the option prices after the announcement.

Here’s how you will spy on the trading footprints left by Wall Street Insiders

Volume Signifies Key Trading Levels

This is the exact screen shot of the Option Scanner before I made 1,300% return, which you can read more about in the next section.

The scanner produces these results, every day, in an instant and shows you what option contracts have had the most significant volumes trading vs their open interest. If this happens on a stock before an earnings announcement, it means somebody is placing a HUGE bet on the outcome of the earnings release.

Now, why would 18,607 contracts trade through a single option contract before a stock reports its earnings numbers?

This trade represents $55,821,000 worth of stock in one strike alone in a single day. These bets aren’t made by Mom and Dad investors like you and me; they are institutions with huge money at stake and trading from information unavailable to the retail traders.

But you can observe the footprints they leave with this powerful trading tool.

trade. Check out the volumes of the other strikes here….almost NOTHING.

Yet this one strike price, $30, trades over 18,000 times two days before the stock releases earnings.

I’m not saying you are guaranteed to make money like this every time, in fact, you won’t make money every time. But wouldn’t you agree that this is a superb opportunity to take a further look into?

Take a Look at These Real Money Trading Examples

1,300% in 29 Days!

My biggest gain with the Option Scanner Pro was this trade on BID.

I bought 3 $30 call options @ 0.30 for a total spend of $150 and then sold back the calls for $7 less than a month later.

Total profit of $1,950 using only $150 in risk capital.

100% Return in 23 Days

The scanner showed 11k contracts trading on the $45 puts…2 days before earnings were released. NO other put option contracts had traded at all.

I bought 2 lots of $45 Puts @ 0.70 each, total premium $140. Earnings were relesed July 29th before market open.

Stock dropped ~3.5% after earnings. I closed out the options @ 1.40, doubling my money in 23 days.

240% Return in 16 Days

I bought $10 puts on WILL on the 24th June @ 0.25.

After I shorted the market with puts, the stock tanked 30% in 15 days. The puts were then worth 0.85, so I exited the trade early the next day and made 240% return.

The stock continued to drop and the puts expired @ 1.48, which means I could have made 592% if I held to expiry!

Check out these insane BONUSES

Bonus #1: Secret Strategy Video

Immediately after you purchase, you will be directed to a bonus video tutorial demonstrating exactly how to use the scanner not only for option gains but as a way to trade stocks outright!

Value – $97 value.

Bonus #2: FREE Upgrades For 1 Year

The developer is always making improvements to the product; enabling faster scans, more data such as implied volatility etc. Typically these updates require a small upgrade fee, however, these charges are waived for the first year.

Value – $197 value.

Bonus #3: LIFETIME Data Feed

The Option Scanner uses end of data option data taken from all of the option exchanges in the US, including the implied volatility data. This data is not free, if you were to subscribe to this data from a vendor such as this one, you would be paying $395 PER YEAR! But as a purchaser of the Option Scanner, access to this data is covered by your purchase price.

Value – priceless!!!

Professional Trader’s Video Review

Limited Time Offer

The Option Scanner Pro is normally $591 per year but currently it is being offered with a $394 discount for Option Trading Tips subscribers for $197 for a LIFETIME license. Yes, you only pay once and you will have this product for life. The package includes:

  • Unusual Volume Options Scanner 3.5 PRO ($297 value)
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I have personally purchased and tested the product and will continue to make real money trades based on the scan results. And for $197 it is well worth it.