Sick and Tired of Poor Trading and Investing Results?

Sick and Tired of Poor Trading and Investing Results?

Do You Think Everyone is Doing Better Than You?

Do You Think Everyone is Doing Better Than You?

Ready to Throw in the Towel?

Ready to Throw in the Towel?

Learn to Trade Like the Pros!

Learn to Trade Like the Pros!

It’s Not That Complicated!

It’s Not That Complicated!

You Can Do This!!

You Can Do This!!

Simple, Probability-Based Options Trading

Learn To Trade The Probability Based Way!!

2018 Year to Date Trading Results (thru 6.02.2018)

Trades 2018 YTD

Closed Trades

Winning Trades

Losing Trades

Number of Open Positions

per each one lot traded


Winning Percentage of Closed Trades

Put The Odds in Your Favor

Probability based trading puts the odds in your favor.  You should ask yourself, “Would you prefer to be like the casino or insurance company” with your trading results?

Using the statistical probabilities that are right in front of you on the option chain you can generate predictable results without relying on technical and fundamental analysis like the other 99% of traders.

Learn to use proven strategies that don’t require you to be directionally correct to be profitable.  Our strategies target a 70% winning percentage but utilizing our volatility “edge” our results are closer to an 80% win rate.

Check for yourself:  Our YTD Trading Summary

The Truisms of Probability Based Trading

Normal Distribution Curve

  • You Don’t Have to Be Right to Be Profitable
  • The Market is Random
  • 68.2% of the Time Price Will Be Contained in the 1 Standard Deviation Range
  • 95.4% of the Time Price Will Be Contained in the 2 Standard Deviation Range
  • Implied Volatility is Overstated a High Percentage of the Time
  • The Market (for highly liquid stocks and ETF’s) is Extremely Efficient
  • Trade a Large Number of Trades – But Keep Your Trade Size(Risk) Small and Consistent
  • The math works!

John Andres
Senior Structured Investment Strategist
#1 Amazon Best Selling Author


phone:  239.272.3424

10+ Live Trades Right on Your Desktop Each Week!!

Actual Trades Posted Immediately

Gold & Platinum Members have all day access to the OptionsMeister Private Skype Group.  All trades are posted in the chat within seconds of trade execution.  No waiting for a newsletter to arrive in your email inbox. 

You will see an actual screenshot of the trade.  You won’t have to guess if you are entering the trade correctly.  Eliminate potential errors. Have a pressing question on a position?  No need to wait for help.  The Private Skype Group gives members the opportunity to ask John any questions regarding execution, exits and necessary trade adjustments throughout the trading day.

Trading can be lonely starring at a screen all day.  Join other members in the Private Skype Group for discussion about everything trading.  

OptionsMeister Private Skype Group

As a Gold or Platinum Member you simply log into Skype each day for online access to John and other traders.  Watch for trades being posted right in the chat within seconds of execution.  Updates are provided on fills, cancellations or changes in real time.

Have a question on a trade or a “problem child” you need immediate advice on how to adjust?  Your help is a quick instant message away!

Example of Posted Trades

Here are a examples of how trades are posted in the Private Skype room.  The trades are pasted in the private chat area of Skype.  You see the exact trade as placed, the premium collected or paid and the amount of buying power reduction that is required by the broker. 

What could be easier?  Join us today and starting making money………! 

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