Roadmap Mini-Course

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Course Description

Are You Ready to start on your journey to become a consistent, profitable options trader?  Follow the OptionsMeister Roadmap for a step-by-step path you can follow.

Course Content

Welcome to the Roadmap

Introduction to the OptionMeister's Roadmap

Ready to Start Trading Options?

Getting Started
What Is Your Why?
Matching Your Why To Your Options Trading

Before You Trade

Options Info
Understanding Options
Know What Your Options Are
Establish Your Trading Parameters

Options Basics

Broker Selection
Trading Platform
Setting Up Your Platform

Basics of Options Trading

Trading Methodologies - An Overview
Trading Methodology - Introduction to Probability-Based Trading
The Concept Of Selling Premium vs Buying Premium
Understanding the Risk in Options Trading

Finding, Executing, and Managing Your First Trades

Four Basic Strategies - Vertical Spreads the Probability Based Way
Order Types
Finding Trades
Executing Trades
Managing Winning Trades
Proving the Concept
Ready to Trade

Advance Your Trading Proficiency

Maintaining Your Focus
Risk Graphs