Roadmap Mini-Course

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Course Description

Are You Ready to start on your journey to become a consistent, profitable options trader?  Follow the OptionsMeister Roadmap for a step-by-step path you can follow.

Course Content

Welcome to the Roadmap

Introduction to the OptionMeister's Roadmap

Ready to Start Trading Options?

The training aims to equip individuals with the skills to become successful traders by adopting a probability-based approach, particularly in premium selling. It emphasizes tailored strategies, personal assessment, and one-on-one mentorship for enhanced learning. The importance of determining motivation, taking time to understand the trading landscape, and aligning goals with trading personality is highlighted. Additionally, it outlines four distinct scenarios for traders to consider based on their risk tolerance and goals, emphasizing the need to treat options trading as a business and stressing the importance of learning, method selection, and discipline in achieving success.
Getting Started
What Is Your Why?
Matching Your Why To Your Options Trading

Before You Trade

This section serves as an introduction to the fundamentals of options trading, presenting key terms like calls, puts, and strike price, and explaining their significance. It demystifies the initial complexity of options language and outlines the potential of options to manage investment risks and costs. The section defines options, describes their features, and distinguishes between American and European styles. It concludes with advice on setting trading parameters to limit risk and achieve realistic financial goals.
Options Info
Understanding Options
Know What Your Options Are
Establish Your Trading Parameters

Options Basics

This section outlines the critical steps for getting started in options trading, including the importance of modern hardware, choosing the right broker, and selecting a suitable trading platform. It emphasizes the need for appropriate technology to effectively manage trades and the value of working with reliable brokers to access electronic exchanges. The author also shares tips on optimizing trading platforms and adjusting settings for individual needs, highlighting the benefits of paper trading for practice. The guidance provided aims to help traders create an efficient and comfortable trading environment, balancing technological setup with practical strategies for success.
Broker Selection
Trading Platform
Setting Up Your Platform

Basics of Options Trading

This section covers the basics of options trading, introducing various trading methods, focusing on Probability-Based Trading for consistent results. It explains selling versus buying premium, risk management, and the potential risks in options trading. The content aims to equip traders with essential knowledge for successful decision-making and trading outcomes.
Trading Methodologies - An Overview
Trading Method - Introduction to Probability-Based Trading
The Concept Of Selling Premium vs Buying Premium
Understanding the Risk in Options Trading

Finding, Executing, and Managing Your First Trades

This section introduces vertical spreads as foundational strategies for options trading, emphasizing defined-risk approaches and the importance of gradual skill development. It covers executing trades efficiently, managing risk with credit and debit spreads, and utilizing common order types effectively. The content encourages proving trading concepts through consistent practice and transitioning to live trading for realistic experiences. Emphasizing Probability-Based Trading simplicity and financial control, the section aims to equip traders with practical skills for successful and consistent trading outcomes.
Four Basic Strategies - Vertical Spreads the Probability Based Way
Order Types
Finding Trades
Executing Trades
Managing Winning Trades
Proving the Concept
Ready to Trade

Advance Your Trading Proficiency

This section covers essential options trading concepts like the Greeks and Risk Graphs. It advises beginners to gradually familiarize themselves with these metrics. Additionally, it emphasizes the visual clarity provided by Risk Graphs in assessing trade potential. Moreover, the content stresses the importance of maintaining focus in trading, highlighting the effectiveness of Probability-Based Trading and trusting established probabilities for consistent success.
Maintaining Your Focus
Risk Graphs