Have you been attracted to the allure of trading the financial markets? Or maybe your only exposure to trading has been through your retirement account that is in a group of managed funds.

When the day is over do you find one of your first exercises is to find “what the market did today”? In any case, suffice it to say that you have an interest in the financial markets.

Do you desire to become a full-time active investor? Maybe you are looking for an activity to stimulate your mind in your retirement years because you simply can’t play golf every day?

A common reason is that you are just so “fed up” with the poor performance of your “professional” money manager! You finally realize that he (she) cannot even provide returns equal to the overall market while “charging” you a fee even when you lose money!

Regardless of the reason, you have come to the place where you want to become an active “investor/trader”. But you don’t even know where to start?

Have you signed up for every newsletter, guru or black box system that promises you extraordinary returns in a few minutes a day? Have you attended one (or more) seminars promising “the secret” when the purpose of the seminar in the end is just to sell you something?

Stop the insanity! It really is not that challenging if you take your time, learn the technology and have a methodology that meets your investment return goals.

I come in contact with traders (and “would be” traders) on a daily basis. My first question of the investor is “what poses your biggest challenge to becoming the investor/trader that you aspire to be”?

As you might expect there are a wide variety of answers. The overwhelming number of responses centers on the desire to find the “best” (or perfect) strategy.

I hate to ruin your day but there is no “perfect” strategy! So stop looking…….now!

It is human nature to search for the “Holy Grail”. I know, I tried finding it for over ten years! I can now assure you that the “Holy Grail” does not exist………..lol.

It is a fact that most investors trade from the long side. We are conditioned to buy low and sell high. To that end they are seeking a methodology that will deliver consistent predictable results. Be aware, there are so many systems that promise preferred (eve extraordinary) returns. My experience with these “so-called” systems is that they “work until they don’t work”.

You must keep in mind that the financial markets are dynamic. Doesn’t it make sense that a methodology that performs well in one market condition may perform poorly when conditions change?

Why constantly “beat your head against the wall” looking for that perfect strategy. Searching for the “perfect” strategy is a colossal waste of time and energy. Not to mention you will have about the same success searching for “Big Foot”. But if you still feel compelled to seek the “Holy Grail” I would love the opportunity to talk with you about a bridge I have for sale.

All that being said, I have found there is one methodology that you can use in all markets, in all market conditions, to provide you with predictable, quantifiable results.

You no longer need to rely on when “X” crosses “Y” or some other subjective, lagging indicator strategy to execute trades and hope to make money. Remember, “hope” is not a strategy!

Why spend so much time trading in a manner that is reliant on too much subjectivity and therefore is not quantifiable? Why constantly look for something that is not there, when a solid predictable methodology is right in front of you with proven, quantifiable results? Are you interested?

The efficiency of the financial markets on highly liquid security instruments provides the trader with a specific, quantifiable trading methodology that can be used in all market conditions. This efficiency provides the trader with the ability to select strategies consistent with his (her) risk tolerance, account size and investment goals.

I do not mean to imply guaranteed financial results. What you can rely on is that if you, for example, chose strategies that have a winning percentage around 70%, your results will be equal to or slightly better than those expectations.

Wouldn’t it be great to know at the beginning of each investment year what your winning percentage will be over the next twelve months? Trading a methodology that uses probabilities that are dynamic (like the financial markets) does just that.

No one or system can guarantee financial results. Even with a 70% plus winning percentage, the financial results will be reliant on the implied volatility in the market. It is a simple fact, the higher the volatility, the larger the premiums are that you will collect.
We can trade a methodology with a predictable winning percentage. Of course we have no control over market volatility but we can take advantage of every level of market volatility and still meet our goals.

Trading is not easy, but it is also not hard. Trading a methodology based on predictable results is a learned skill. Trading is a skill that anyone can learn.

It is much easier than you would ever imagine to become a consistent investor/trader. No charts, no indicators, no candlesticks. If you can look on an option change and find a specific number, you can do this!

I put the odds in my favor every trading day and I make money even on the weekends by selling assets that decline in value. With a little effort of your time you can do it too.

Don’t be satisfied with returns that are less than the overall market generates. If you would like to learn how to use probabilities as an advantage in your trading to generate consistent, predictable results………give me a call……..513.518.6666…….I Answer My Own Phone!